This Straight Guy Made My Heart Pound...

Just a brief flashback of my late teen years. Anyway, there was this new guy that worked in the same building as I did. A couple weeks in, I hadn't really noticed him until he gave me this half mouth smile (the ones that male models make when posing with a turn) I wanted to melt. Let me explain... He looks exotic. Like hes Ecuadorian and part Italian. Kind of intimidating to be around just because. He has short volume dark brown hair thats in a retro style slick sideways to the back, the really nice pale skin with pink cheeks which also emphasized his sharp boxed features, grey eyes that gloss with luminescent, and those things that some guys would have... a patch of hair under the lip. Kinda like a goatee but not. Some people wouldn't find it attractive, but it fit him really well. His body was like sculpted and you can see his pecs from his working shirt. About 5'9 to 6'0 and is extremely nice. Sounds stalker-ish when i explain, but its not. I'm just observing. He would always makes the half mouth smile at me which would make my heart pound faster than it usually is. Usually, that effect doesn't easily happen to me from any guys I think are cute... But he can make it happen. Also, Im never the one really to make it feel awkward or feel uneasy, but I was speechless every time i go around him, I become senseless and my head is scrambling for words to say something. He didn't talk to anybody much which I found mysteriously sexy. Sometimes I would have to go to his department and hand him things directly... And when I do, thats when I become a mess. But a mess in fascination. The most we had ever talked was simple question and answers, you know, small talk. I'll ask "hey, im not sure where this belongs, do you know?" and he'll say "oh, right over there to the left on the back". Or when Im elbowed on counter completely staring into space chewing on a pen with no manners, he'll cause me to snap back into reality with his musical voice saying "hello" to me with his graceful structure of a body standing in front of me asking a brief question about forms or something. And thats about it for the rest of the time. But its worth it to me. I didnt really notice myself having a crush on him... But he's so interestingly fascinatingly beautiful that I realized I do have a crush on him. He's like Edward Cullen if anybody read the Twilight books.. I couldn't get over his beauty and striking half mouth smiles that made me hot and bothered... I transferred schools and had to move away... And never saw him again. Just a flashback of a vivid memory. Of course they're going to be eye candy elsewhere. He was just one of them. :D
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Same !!!

I remember having crushes like this...............even on guys I NEVER exchanged a word with. Ah, to be young.