I Love A Tv Series Character

i love this guy Adam brody which plays seth collin in the TV series called The OC, he is so cute, funny, with nerdy look but cute... i m so into him. i would love to meet a guy like that he makes your life happy he is full of emotion. sometimes he acts childish way but thats what make him cute, he acts so innocent.
Well i know its a TV character but it would be fun to have someone like that around. i m enjoying him while i m watch the series, it will be great if i would meet that character in real life.
luckyboy20 luckyboy20
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2 Responses May 15, 2012

he looks great and his personality is what make him so fun to be around

yeah , i m so lucky in it coz my friend is like that and that's the one reason i fell in love with him