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Why Is Being Gay a Bad Thing?

I don't get why being gay is so horrible. Some of the greatest and most respected people were or are gay. Leonardo Da Vinci was (supposedly) gay and he is one the most (if not the most) renowned artists and inventors around the world. The reason why I ask this is because when I tell someone that I'm gay I get a reaction that seems like I have some kind of disease. It's like these people think that they're going to catch "the gay" from me like it's the boubonic plague or something. Now don't get me wrong, I don't always get this kind of reaction, but it's not rare. You would think in this day and age that society would be more comfortable with the idea of homosexuals living among the rest of the population. I don't know why this is but It's something that has been bothering me since I came out.

cole87 cole87 18-21, M 64 Responses May 26, 2008

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Please my friend dont worry about it its just they dont understand and if people dont understand they get scared you keep that chin up and walk tall my friend all the time

Tell me something Cole. Why are you gay? This is serious, I have buddies who are or bi. Can you give me a thorough explanation? I promise I will not ridicule you, I have no reason to

The only reason anyone is gay is because they are attracted, sexually, romantically, every way, to the same gender as themselves. There's no other answer. Why are you straight? Because you're attracted to the opposite sex, right? Well, gays are attracted to the same sex. I am not Cole, but I doubt he will answer because this is an old post.

The same reason why you are straight you get the feelings for girls he gets the same only its for guys . He dont like every guy the same as you dont like every girl.

Not everything that we do that feels good is BENEFICIAL.

been a gangster does not mean that its okay, or been a famous person does not mean its good or that we should follow their example.
Apparently mother nature does not see your point of view, why do you think its so?. since you people can't reproduce or serve no purpose, mother nature is trying to abolish your kind with HIV. WE all have mothers and we all serve a purpose is the scale of higher things, we are all related to each other, are you?

This is accurate, except for the HIV part. HIV is a virus created by US Army bactoriological warfare division. But Nature has time on its side, a simple stop to reproduction is more than enough.

Gays do not reproduce more gays, stupid head, gay people are made by straight people- usually, so "Mother Nature" is not trying to stop gays because we don't reporoduce. Also, the meds for HIV now allow most to live with HIV very long and healthy lives. As for "no purpose", well, like the original poster said, Da Vinci and actually Michelangelo, plus millions of others were gay who added a huge amount to society. Over population by straights is NOT really helping the planet, so if that's your only claim to "purpose", it's a weak one.

But, let me not hate. I believe we all have a purpose or we would not be alive. I have no problem with straight people even tho I find what they do in bed disgusting, and there's no reason why anyone should have a problem with me. Just live your life, try to be "purposeful", try to help and love and ADD to society instead of telling people they should die...

Your reading comprehension sucks. He said that gays wont be reproducing, not that they dont exist. School, stay in school.

I can\'t let this stand without a reply. Your retort made no sense at all, and my reading comprehension is excellent. Here is what your comrade in judgment said: \" since you people can\'t reproduce or serve no purpose, mother nature is trying to abolish your kind with HIV.\"

OK, funny you didn\'t notice any problems with his post, but whatever... First he says that because gays can\'t reproduce or \"serve no purpose\", Mother Nature is getting rid of gays using HIV as her weapon. Gays can\'t reproduce? Two men cannot make a child, but a gay man can get a woman pregnant, just like any other man, gay bi or straight. Many gay men HAVE sired children, and if it was necessary to populate the Earth and only gay men and gay women were around, they could and would make sure that the human race continued. Believe it. Also, gays are given birth by straight couples, gay men and women would create straight children and a minority of gay children, just like straight couples do. If Mother Nature thought gays served no purpose and wanted to kill them all, why would she allow them to be born in the first place? But the important thing is, Killing off gay men and women does not \"get rid\" of gays! They will continue to be born to straight couples, just like they always have been!

And saying gays \"serve no purpose\" is also an ignorant statement. Are you implying that the only purpose straights serve is by reproducing? Nothing else that humans do besides reproduction is useful to the human race, culture, and life? In that case we would all just be lying around reproducing and eating; there would be no reason to do anything else since nothing else serves any purpose.

But since that is not true, you have to see that all people do serve a purpose. Look at all the different jobs, services, social institutions and so much more that gays are responsible for. Teachers, artists, scientists, athletes, performers, mailmen, trashmen, doctors, lawyers, and so on. They don\'t serve \"no purpose\"? That\'s OK, you don\'t have to apologize... you just didn\'t think it through before you posted.

Oh so now your saying mother nature is trying to abolish gays? Wow you really are a dumb ***. Its people who are trying to wipe out gays, not mother nature. Seriously, sinking so low you blame mother nature? Ok now who is the real bundle of sticks?

Nah dude, it's natural logic, often refered to as "mother nature". We all know there is no real mother nature, it's just a personification of something that is out of human control. I hope you knew that too.

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am gay and am proud and am from middle east i don't give a **** for what people say about us i just live my gay life.

The Dear Leader of Iran said there was no such thing as homosexuality in Iran.

Yes and the moon is made of cheese

Hes a brain dead twirp!

I'm 14 and bi sexual but i would say I'm more on the gay side but I can't tell anyone.... It really sucks I don't trust anyone not even my family so what do I do? Keep hiding it? It sure seems right to me but it ticks me off because every where I look it just says gay marriages is wrong... I'm like WTF what am i supposed to do ? And I know I'm of alone I have another freind that I know is gay and we spend time together in school and have a great time together yet nothing seems to get in his way... I envy him Soo much... Now I'm also an atheist so god is off the list its just society standing in the way.... 14 and confused. Can I get some advice

Hi . I totally respect ur problem . I think. U should try not to think about it 24*7 .. Try to pirsue ur hobby or hang out wid sumone u are comfortable . It wil help u .best wish :)

You maybe right.

I have just came out recently being a bi sexual woman myself. And I have felt this way all my life. I love and support gay marriage, relationships and all. There is nothing wrong with this and my family voted for Gay marriage in Maryland just this year, but my issue is that I don't think that they could ever see me that way because I have a little girl (2 years old) and to my parents, they question if it would be healthy to bring a child into an environment like that. I dont know how to feel about that. I believe personally that if a child is brought up in a home that is loving and attentive to the childs needs as far as a safe environment, etc. What kind of damage would it bring child? I dont know so confused

Being gay is not a bad thing. I understand what you mean about getting the bad reaction though. People are just so stupid. Why the heck does it matter? What you do with your life doesn't affect these people at all. Most people that I know and tell are pretty cool about it. I haven't lost any friends over it. I am sure that not everyone will react the same, but so far so good for me. Being gay doesn't change who you are one bit. You can still be a decent human being. These kind of people who don't understand that are not worth the time or effort. They are a pointless as life itself. It is to the point where if someone reacts negatively I will get in their face and be like "what!? you don't like that? then go the F on, I don't give a F about you!" It is sickening to me how some people can act. You are still the same awesome person you always were. Don't let them bother you in the slightest, or let them make you believe it is a bad thing. It isn't. Just be you.

Well I'm gay 2 , but I've tried 2 find some1 for years , it's impossible , I have morals and standards just like everyone else except no 1 seems 2 care about that anymore . It's all about how many people can we get with this week , hurting each other all the time etc . I wish I wus wrong about this but I get proved right every time , I had no idea it would b this hard , I'm 41 for godssake even the older more supposed 1s can't calm down enough 2 see its time for a change , if we want people 2 think well of us mayb it's time all of us need 2 learn how 2 act right , this world gets worse every day 2 even straight people are bad , I get invited 2 swing parties a lot , and it always shocks me at the depravity ev1 is capable of

I wish the world could label the fornicators like they label the gays and then we are will be in the same boat. No one pickets about that because the majority fornicates right...and oh Adultery that's a big one as well.. no one protest that either. lmao just t ryna put other's down when you look just as bad in the lords eyes

lmao being gay is def not a choice, but Fornicating is...It is all over the bible for u homophobes

Being Homosexual is wrong according to the bible, But I am a homosexual and have been for a long time. As a child I tried my hardest to suppress my feelings but I cannot sit here and say that I am attracted to men when I clearly am not. Sometime I ask myself if I had a choice to be straight and never like girls sure because I love God and I know he may not be the happiest with how I am, but then I have to ask myself did I ask to be here or feel how I feel about I had no influence, I don't know anyone in my family who is gay and even when I did think about women in that way at age 3 and 6, and even in middle school I suppressed it and the shyt did not work because this is how the lord made me. Gay people don't kill millions of people, straight people do. There are plenty straight people who fornicate their *** off but refuse to acknowledge that, it is your sin is somehow better than mines. Get your lives together people and worry about yourself. You are not in a gay person's shoes so you will never understand what we go through on a daily basis. How we feel on a daily basis. oh yeah and alot of animal have homosexual relationships. and Both my parents are straight and they made me, and Im I mean I always heard them talk bad about it and somehow I still ended up this way. I mean I dont know what people expect you to do. So I'm supposed to go be unhappy with a man and every time I have to have sex with him it feels like rape..that is the type of life that I am supposed to live...I don't think so. As long as I dont like men..ill be gay and just like as long as you dont like the same sex u will be straight that's just how it is, plain and simple. Stop fornicating and then come holla at us about how wrong we are..I dont see a straight person protesting that. Smh To be honest we all will be going to hell...if u wanna keep it funky.

being gay is a sin

Why you have to be so rude to him? Mind your oun biz.

You're not bad my friend they are, if they cannot respect you for who and what you are then basically '**** them" right? It is not a bad thing to be gay, and as I have said elsewhere when I am confronted with "its not normal is it"? my retort is well it is for me, I have been gay all my life so of course its normal!!!! Good luck and dont let the bastards grind you down

I'm Bi and I don't think its a bad thing at all. Liking people of the same sex is just who gay people are. They can't change it and I don't think they should want to at all. Its just a preference, it doesn't change who they are. Its the same as saying that someone is bad because they don't like something widely accepted, like coffee. Saying that being gay is bad is just plain wrong. My best friend growing up was gay and he was no different from any other guys I knew.

Even before i came to know that Da Vinci was gay and that i was gay I liked Da Vinci and always wanted to be creative like him.

The bible says marriage is between man and a woman. Man and woman are there for a reason. If god wanted a man and a man to be with each other then that would of happened but clearly not.

You misguided fool.... So you were there when he said this were you? No you read it in some book! A book so called written by whom? Bigoted man.... And as Stigzy says below if you think I woke up one day and said "**** this world Im going to **** off some misguided bigots and tell them Im gay" you are a bigger retard that you are showing now!

Unfortunately what happens when man and woman get together every now and then they produce a complete nonentity like your good self.. Maybe not being able to recreate in these circumstances is good

Honestly your confusion is justified. It's just a product of culture. Every group of people needs some kind of group to hate or marginalize. Gays are consistently a small group and counter-culture. Plus masculinity is always in question with gay guys in a culture like this. It's not that being gay is bad, it's just bad to be different.

I quite like it when homophobic people bring god and the bible into the debate because it just shows how stupid they actually are. Their only stand point on it, is "the bible says it's wrong, therefore god says it's wrong". I wish these people would just stop and think about what they are saying before making themselves look like the most unintelligent thick tards society has ever seen. Because, not to state the obvious, but the very same god that these homophobes believe in that preaches this utter b******* is the very same god that created homosexuality. I mean, if you believe god was the creator, then ask yourself who the f*** created homosexuals? <br />
<br />
If god gave us free will and the ability to do what we like. Then we can jolly well do what we like and what we want. If you don't like it then you need to take this up with the manufacturer, not the product. You should probably ask yourself or ask your god why you still praise and believe in such a being that created something you disagree with so much?!<br />
<br />
I need to point out btw, this coming from me, a gay guy with first hand experience of actually walking in these gay shoes. I didn't 'want' and I'm sure every other gay guy/girl will tell you the same. Why would anybody want to step into a world of being a possible outcast? To face continuous harassment, abuse and face a daily life of discrimination and the risk of not being accepted? I mean some of the homophobic comments on here are truly disgusting verging on being horrific. Any normal person would not wish this level of discrimination and abuse upon themselves. Yet some homophobic people argue that to be gay is a choice? Sure, I chose and wanted to face all of the latter, I love being emotionally hurt and tortured, I love being verbally abused, I love being discriminated against I thought it would be fun. To be gay is not a choice, and anybody that is not gay has no right what so ever to argue this point.<br />
<br />
Everybody has a right to love and anybody that attempts to take that away from somebody verbally or physically regardless of the reason is truthfully terrible as their own debauched justification for their horrific actions.<br />
<br />
Bring the bible (an authorless and therefore creditless book btw) and god into a debate, sure. But argue your point wisely, because as has happened with ALL religious sided comments so far on here, they are seriously contradictory, they make little sense and make the author of the comment look damn right dumb!

People don't understand that Gay is not bad just because there god says it is a bad thing.<br />
Its sad but true. <br />
You can't change them some say God say's i can be gay that's fliping the words. <br />
Want the truth ? I have looked at the bible and noticed it did say it's wrong and that anyone who didn't believe in him will go to hell this is the words i saw in a more understandible way. To be honest it could have just been that one bible. <br />
But who knows its ****** up the most you can do is say they are wrong and dont understand me also if you love god and see this to think of this: If god created me he should understand me and if he dosent understand me he should make himself gay.<br />
And if he makes himself gay he would understand but he cant do this so there you go he cant juge you if he don't understand you. :/ But as for me i dont care about god. <br />
I dont know if i believe in god. <br />
Whatever's what just think okay Im gay and?! Im a grate person!

wow . Lets go back in the ancient history. <br />
Im from greece and in the ancient times Men used to be the most beautiful race <br />
Women were the birth machines and homosexuality was actually legal. <br />
What does that mean ? it obviously means that Gay people were always there and always will be. <br />
The way that the society is built just made them <> and make us ''believe'' that all those years they were few and now they spread out like a desease. <br />
<br />
By the way when i said women were ''birth machines'' dnt get me wrong. i love women and i believe that they shud have same rights as men i just said how it was back at that time. <br />

being gay (im not) is not bad at all its just like love with a woman only with a guy wats the big deal? (im not gay)

Some people are just homophobic but If they get to know gays. They will find out that gays are fun.

O.K being gay is a choice and either you have low self esteem and you want people to feel bad that your gay or that you want attention. Second its just sick. Third that your little marriage will never feel right. Just be normal like everyone else and stop.

Being gay is a choice? Are you serious? You think I would chose to be gay? I want to be proud, have a wife, have kids... but I'm gay, so I can't. I don't need "attention" and I'd hate for someone to feel bad for me. You can't just "stop" being gay. You're evil and foolish - stop judging. You OBVIOUSLY aren't perfect either.

ditto....who in there right mind would choose Gay, we will always be considered lesser than by a good majority of people, including my family very sad indeed

But the upside of being straight I guess is having a child like you is it?? You are a bigot and I note not old enough probably to shave and understand what bullshit you are sprouting.... I am sure your parents are very proud!

Just chill out. Being gay is a gift.

Just chill out. Being gay is a gift.

You reaction would be very different in another country. In the USA the chruch has so much influence on federal, state and local laws their beliefs are push on everyone. If you were to look at Spain, a very catholic country, gay marrage is legal as it is in most other countrys in the world, except those that are muslum. Germany, France, Spain, Iceland and even the swiss think nothing of someone being gay. In every species on earth their are gay relationships its just in humans that we have religions that bully people about it.

I know how you feel just getting that look makes me want to punch them

I'm a Chinese and I had found none is a gay sinece I go to the univercity. Because people all around me are so sensitive about 'gay' thing. And all gays are hiding thereselves so that they can avoid the people to talk about these.<br />
As a Chinese, 90% of us won't come out.

gay is not wrong. If someone tells you that they are mistaken. Gay is a biological predetermined condition. You can't be wrong. You were born that way and you are biologically perfect !!!!!!!