Just Came Out But Not Sure

Ok I'm 31 1st concert was to see my face singer I late 80's KYLIE MINOGUE. While my 2 younger brothers liked Metalica, Offspring I was into pop music mostly female. Years later as a teenager I would go from listening to Spice Girls to Hanson to Celine Dion and in recent years it's been Short Stack. Recently SS have been replaced by the hot guys from One Direction but my No 1 celeb crush was and prob still is Andy the bassist from Short Stack. So much so that after coming out to two good friends - one who's known me for nearly 20 years said that she wasn't surprised and suspected that I was gay but first I tried to tell a colleague of my Mum's. Anyway that was on saturday, yesterday my parents "dropped in" to my place and with Mum's keen eye spotted not only a trail of ants on my computer desk but when I moved my mouse and it went back to sleep what did the screen saver feature - but 2 photos of Andy's entire body back view NAKED and I laughed later as I recalled pointing out the beautiful photos of my dog!! Anyway they now suspect, I've NEVER had a girlfriend look at guys down the street and comment on how hot or not they are and the only person I've been intimate with WITHOUT sex was a male all be it 14 years ago when I was too young to know what I was feeling. So am I gay or is this just a normal thing for single males to look at and think about? PLEASE HELP Any advice would be great and yes I do fantasize about being with a male.
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1 Response May 21, 2012

Trust me at almost 50 I felt the same way for yrs. I just came out to a couple of friends and it feels good.Your gay and probably don't feel comfortable with your parents knowing just like me.It's very normal for gay men to look at and fantasize about other men. Be yourself and be happy!!