Gay's Who Hate Gay's...

This isn't about closeted homophobes, this is more about the phenomenon I have seen a lot of recently, gay's bashing on other gay's. Its so ******* ridiculous and asanine! We preach equality and free-judgment but we see some "flaming ******" and all of a sudden we think its ok to hate? What kind of haughty ludicrous and narcissitic communtiy have we become where its ok to be gay but not "too gay"? Men try to hang on to this masculine facade when they come out of the closet in order to gain approval within the ranks of a heterosexual society, but truly, should it matter what people think of you? And if not then why are we so quick to judge someone who is very different? I'm not some flamboyant gay, and I don't like when straight people treat me like if I was, but that doesn't mean I can hate those who created the stereotype because that isn't a facade, that is who they are and if I want acceptance then I need to accept. Stop "cringing" when you see a "queen" and stop looking for another gay guy who has kept most of his masculine qualities because to be honest, its just another stereotype, and you will never find a REAL man in stereotypes.
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I agree with this and then I don't. I agree, gays should not hate on other gays, but I also think that gays should have a certain respect for other gays and not constantly and flamboyantly flame their homosexuality. Point blank, while homosexuality isn't the taboo it used to be, people and society still aren't prepared to see a man walking down the street like he has a ***** between his legs and **** on his chest. Just because he is out the closet, comfortable, and flaming doesn't mean he should forget how tough it is to be gay and how being that creates the stereotype that most gays are afraid of. It's not only uncomfortable for the straight community, its uncomfortable for typical gay, who wants to go to work, go out, live life, without having to constantly be reminded that he is a "queen" because of the next gay walking around in cheetah pants with a pink boa.

So then you don't agree with anything I just said, the point is, it is extremely difficult to live the life of a homosexual, though it may not be taboo it still carries a stigma that most of society can't seem to shake off, and if an individuals way of dealing with that stigma is ignoring it completely and wearing tight jeans with pink hair then I say go for it. Everyone has their own way of coping with life's challenges and NO ONE has any right to judge, what your saying, to be frank, is that you don't want to tolerate that sort of behavior, well why should anybody have to tolerate your idiosyncracies? Or mainstream thinking? Well because that's how your comfortable in your own skin and we should respect that right? You making this sort of remark has double standard written all over it, and personally I feel we should begin to treat others as we expect to be treated, with tolerance

Calm it down. You missed the entire point of what I just said. I was saying that the gay men who do dress flamboyantly and express their sexuality at every waking moment are part of the reason their is a stigma towards gays. Most of the ignorant people who are uncomfortable with homosexuality are 1) uncomfortable with the idea of two men having sexual relations and 2) uncomfortable when a MAN who is gay, dresses, acts, and believes he is a woman. I'm not uncomfortable around gay men, Im bisexual, but I am uncomfortable around a man who dresses and acts like he has a **** between his legs. And as far as not wanting to tolerate that behavior? You're an idiot because clearly I do tolerate that behavior, I just dont feel comfortable around men who act like that. there is a big difference. and Mainstream thinking? honestly you should just shut the **** up because you sound like a zealot. the moment anyone says somethings that doesnt match to what you believe, there mainstream. Is having a penis in your mouth as a man mainstream? If so, then i am very mainstream.

Whoa see, your telling me to calm down yet your the one resorting to obsenity? .... I'm not an extremist, if anything I believe in bipartisanship, an equality of effort to meet the needs of all, I've come to understand that the people of this country can come to such a solution via tolerance, maybe not acceptance, though that would be more ideal, but everyone should be able to tolerate one anothers actions. And btw if it wasn't for those stigma creating "a-holes" you criticize so much we'd still be calling it the "french disease" and being hanged for sodomy, so take a history class, hopefully one which centers around civil rights movements through the ages, and hopefully youu see what I was trying ti say, and how your original post to mine was completely contradicting rather than critique

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