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I Need Advice Please...

I am fourteen years old. I am a (I hate bragging) child prodgy, but despite this I am awful when it comes to personal feelings, etc. I am gay, or at least I believe I am. I am friends with a guy that I have had a crush on ever since second grade, and I have never persued him beause I thought that I would be rediculed and I have significant reason to believe that he is straight. I have dated one guy, but he was a jerk and I only dated him because he was the only openly bisexual (keep in mind that I`m gay) or gay in the entire town. I have told only my three closest friends about it, and they have always supported me, even though at one point one of them wanted to date me. I am in some was a sterotypical gay, I love broadway (memorizing plays is a hobby of mine) and music, I play piano and watch a lot of movies. Despite all of this I don`t want to feel as alone as I do now, like I said I`m the only somewhat obvious gay (or open) in the whole town. How can I avoid this?
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Being gay is a tougher road than being straight even if your a child prodigy. Take at it this way from a math perspective. The average life expectancy right now for males is about 80 years old. You being 14 years old that means you have over 82.5% of your life to find the right person. I am 22 and i have not found the right person yet. Hell i've only dated and kissed one other person. I am not worried about it at all. Hell your young go be happy and enjoy. Whats the need to go have a boyfriend and find love. When i was your age i felt the same way, but i learned to just be happy and enjoy everyday because if you worry about the future your going to miss the present. Now instead of finding my true love do you know what i am doing...I am seeing the world. Go explore. Smile. Dance in the rain.

Haha I spelled prodigy wrong how ironic, and it makes sense to wait. I just can't get over the feeling of being alone

Lol, look don't sweat the small stuff, you have a bright future ahead, check out gay teen groups on line, start reaching out and talking to similar aged gay guys.

Focus on your studies and find a career where you can become a success and also be near a larger gay community. Start researching universities in big cities, start making contacts for internships, now is the time to mould your future. A successful person will attract so many admirers that you will have your little black book filled to capacity.

I was advanced academically as a child, and also gay, however I was 37 until I married my husband, yes I played around and dated through my teens and 20s, but a relationship wasn't a priority, being a success was. We now have a good life, we life debt and mortgage free and can enjoy all the good things of life. You could do the same.

Focus on your health, mental and physical, get and idea what style you want to aim for (the twink party boy look soon wears thin!) and ultimately enjoy your 20s, if a fling comes along then go for it, but you don't have to make any huge commitment to anyone with plans of a picket fence and a dog. You're 14, you can do all that in a few years time, you'll outgrow all your friends very quickly.

If you want to personally message me, feel free. But honestly you will be fine.


I'm glad you got to marry someone you truely love! By the way I got a kick out of the "twink party boy look" lol

You will find that most teenagers go through anxiety like this, I am gay and was acting on it from the age of 13, I am now 39. <br />
<br />
As to being a child prodgy (should that have read prodigy?) Make your goal to study hard, excel academically and become a success. You are young, being gay isn't the be all and end all, enjoy your teenage years, spend time with your friends and have fun. Leave dating and intimate relationships for college, trust me you will have ample opportunity to explore your sexuality and test drive relationships there. Also trust me in that you are not the only gay in the town, you just think you are.

Really you cant avoid it. You're going to feel alone, even in a room of people. But hey, you've got time. Maybe someone else will take you're footsteps and get the courage to come out. Start a gay-traight aliance, maybe thatwill help.<br />
<br />
Otherwise join the club. I'm going through the samething right now, but it passes. <br />
<br />
Hang in there and if you feel really lonely I'm here <3

Thanks :) it means alot to me