What Do I Do About Him????

His name is "Ali", he is the first man i fall in love with, he is a fun person and we had fun time together, i had fallen in love with different ppl but the relationship i had with him is the happiest of all and i m ready to forget all the other ppl i love to be with him, his love is the only love i don't regret even if we were apart for several years now, his voice makes me powerless i dont know how but he can convince me to agree with anything he says even that is the least thing i want to agree to do, he just knows what to say to convince.

The core of this story is we used to be around each other most of the time, he was older than me around 8 years, we used to take care of each other and gradually i start to love him, but i had one thing in mind that he is a countryman and he will not be open mind about having relation with another guy so i didn't tell him anything about my feelings for him, but i realized that he cares about me, and one night after spending time with hanging with him and we walked to my house and i was about to hug him good bye, he kissed me on the lips and that came a bit shock since i never expected so i said good bye and rushed to my house and all night i could take it out of my memory but i felt bad about how i reacted so the other night i went to his house and after i was about to leave i kissed him and from there our love story started.

we were together for 2 years and he had an awful accident and he was in coma for 9 days then became well but he had these headaches and after while he decided to go back to his home town which is less nosier than the city we were living, and after while i left to another country for study. after 2 years we i came back to the city for the holiday and we meet there but i had to go back to finish my studies and he we to his hometown but we agreed that after i finish my studies i will move back to the city so as he.
After 2 years i finished my studies and i came back and he called me and told me that he has a business in his hometown and he will try to sell it after 6 months so he can move back to city and i agreed to wait but 6 months he told me that he couldn't sell the business and he went to try to train someone to run the business for 4 months but if i didn't approve of that idea he will leave and come to me anyway so i tried to play a nice guy and told him i can wait 4 months but i was going aboard in 5 months time so i told him we can meet in 6 month time and now after 6 month is finished he called my 2 days before and asked if i can give him another 1 month and half, as i told you before he can make me agree with everything he asks but deep down i loosing my patience but i know he is the write one.

what do i do about him???
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2 Responses Jun 30, 2012

he loves you i know he does just wait and you'll see (;

i know he loves me i just wish he is here with me

if you truly love him you'll stay with him and you'll wait you're lucky i wish i can find my soul mate someday

i know and i am intending to wait him ... but sometimes i m really scared if we are not destined to be together