My Parents Found Out I Was Gay

I knew I was gay for a while now and I have a girlfriend who I absolutely love. We kept our relationship a secret so we'd get more freedom to do what we want. I dress like a guy all the time and my parents yelled at me saying that dressing like something you are not is wrong and you should change and stuff. My mom even said Next thing we know your GAY. Well that killed me so I knew I wouldn't come out to them. Well my mom was so suspicious that there was something up with me so she went through my room and found my passwords to get into my computer and all my accounts. She found love note me and my girlfriend wrote each other and she FREAKED OUT. She was crying nonstop and my dad said I was ruining the family and this was the worst thing that has ever went through my mind and that he can't even look at me. He also so said that I was going to kill my mom with all this. He said he would take me to a psychologist to see if I have a mental issue. then when I tried to talk to my mom she said that she'd rather get cancer than have a gay daughter. She said that she duznt understand and she duznt even want to try to understand. I told my girlfriend what happened and she was scared at first and she said that we should make up a fake break up convo to fool my parents. So we did but my parents still hated me for being gay so they made me swear to stay "straight" until after high school. They still bother me about the way I dress and say they are going to force me to change and they were talking about moving away and putting me in a different school. THEY ARE TRYING TO RUIN MY LIFE!!! I don't know what to do...I won't break up with my girlfriend but now its so much harder to see her. I literally sneak out of my house to go to her house thats a mile away. I'm so scared and depressed and hurt. I feel like killing myself just to end it all. I still have three more years until I move out for good. I'm scared for the future. I need help. Please. Anyone?
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I'm also proud of you! It's not easy dealing with closed-minded parents. Hang in there until after high school. I wish you well! :-)

so what you deserve someone to love you for who you are ... i'm proud of you