Who Is Right And Who Is Wrong?

hi iv never done this before so foregive me and english is not my first lang so excuse the mistakes! U can call me zico im 23 a half french half asian man im a green eyed monster with a fetish for strate A 's as my sister puts it.
this is a relationship Q that my entire life dependes on so plz plz help me!
if i u asked me to describe my boyfriend i would say he is extremly loving LOYAL caring generouse (what ever u want baby! kind of man)very protective easily jealouse ,kind of clingy ( i have to be next to him on the bed wether in reading or playing vedio games ,anything)sexy yet cute ,im his num 1 prioraty in life BUT if u ask that Q to my family or friends they would say a phycotic possesive dominating bastard that i should keep the hell away from !! i first met him when i was 20 he saw me a couple of times and then became one of those flirty friends and he soon asked me on date i refused the first and second time but he was persistant and asked for a chance aand well 3years later we r still together . the problem is my lover and every1 literally in my life are at a state of war! im very close to my family they r the best but NOT when it come to my BF, the first issue they dont like about him is his age he is 36 the second is the way he treats me like a baby he does everyhting for me on his own without me asking, to me thats just shows love , to them its too dominating, he likes to know every little thing that goes on in my life to me thats caring and paying attention, to them its just keeping tabs on me, although i have a car he likes to drive me around he takes me to collage and then he pickes me up when im done if im meeting friends later then i HAVE to tell him where and who just in case somthing happens to me (u know how scarry the world is he would say) as i said he is protective but my friends call him possessive doesnt like any1 coming near me!
the war really started when i changed collages to be with him, im a really good student and i got in a first class collage thats in another city i was suppesed to be lawyer and helped my dad at work but because we missed each other too much and he couldnt leave his career , one day he came to my city on a date and that night he cried saying he cant do this long distance thing any more and he is moving his business to where i am i refused because it would coast so much and things might go wrong and didnt need the guilt trip so he came up with the idea that i should leave this collage and go back home attend a local school and change my major from law to anything that did not need that amount of studing i was shocked at first but then he convenced me that i dont have to go THIS collage im already financially stable i dont need to look for work when i finish school because il work for the family and that i dont have to study law just because my parents want me to ( did i mention that i was asian T.T) and that i should go into something that will benefit me as ,how should i say this ( his future wife and mother to our children! since he is the alfa male ,u know) i wont deny it the image of me and him with our baby put a smile on face he started making me imagine whats it like life to have ur own family and how i would meke an awsome dad soooo... i DID IT i trasfered and ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE when my family found out, they refused the marriage because im too young and crazy in love and i will never forget the look of disappointment and horrer when they asked why did i leave law school snd i answered because i want to be a stay at home dad and take care of our future children and that my BF with bring the money while im the home maker. i hosetly dont know if they eggzagerating or not whats so bad about marrying the man u love and staying at home taking care of ur family ,women do it all the time whats the big deal . they accuse him of dominating me and taking away my future and threatened me that if i do marry him at the end of this year (he porpossed again) that they would disown me and cut me off WHAT SHOULD I DO I DONT WANT TO LOSE THEM are they right about him? am i wrong about him? im too scared to lose my family should i just postpond the wedding again? helppppppppppp me
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I would honestly have to say, he does sound like a very dominant person who doesn't really trust you! Why else would he want to know your every move, who you are with, what you are doing? He obviously (to me anyway) is insecure and can't believe his luck at having such a sexie young man as a boy friend and is scared you'll meet some one younger and ditch him! Personally, I'd say, do your own thing. Drive your own car and be more independent because sooner or later this is going to crash! I am not wishing that on you but I see it coming and have experienced it many times in my life. Good luck to you but if you want your family on side, you should at the very least consider waiting a while before tying the knot. xx