I Feel Like I Have No One To Talk Too

Well I'll introduce myself before I go into my story. My name is Alejandro (yes its a real name...before Lady Gaga, lol) I'm 24 and I just recently graduated from college with a B.A in Sociology/Criminology and also in Spanish.
I came out not too long ago, February 24th to be exact. My coming out story is really a blur, a big mistake actually. Not that coming out was a mistake, but the way I did it; lets just say it involved too much alcohol, Facebook, and drunk dialing my family.
Over the past months I've been somewhat able to come to terms with who I am, except I have "fall-out" days in which I second guess myself and feel guilty for being who I am. I know that it will get better, but as of now I still struggle with this issue. I have a good circle of friends who are there, but I do not have any LGBT friends who would actually understand me.
In general I usually hold my emotions in and don't really speak about them, I like to deal with them alone I guess, but I do know when its time to seek advice from others, ergo here I am.
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I didn't come out to anyone (or even myself) until I was much older than you are now. I'm so happy you took that first step!<br />
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I don't know where you are, but I would recommend participating in a support group for gay young men. It will let you know you are not alone. And talking to other men in your situation can be very helpful. In Chicago we have the Center On Halsted www.centeronhalsted.com 773.472.6469 . If you are not in a big city, call the Center On Halsted and they should be able to direct you to a gay community organization near you.

I know how it feels to not have anyone to talk to. I have been in the closet since I was young. I wish I had just one person I could talk to & be completely honest with.

Hang in there man. Its such a lonely feeling when there isn't someone who you can be completely open and honest with. Have you tried making LGBT friends? Maybe going to a gay bar? Or on the internet?