Can't Feel Him Out

Well i recently met this man at a party. My friends older brother. My friend had to go home because his brother wasn't having a good time, and he looked bored. So he tells me to go talk to him. I walk over and hand him a beer and introduced myself to him. We were strangers for only a few minutes. We start talking about everything. He has a good sense of humor and a good lookin smile to go with it. We were just sitting on the front porch all by ourselves while the party was going on. We sat close to eachother. And everytime we moved out the way so someone could go inside for more beer or what ever reason, we moved closer to eachother...
Then he tells his brother that he has to go. It was around 9:00 p.m. I tell him to stay just for a little longer and he stays. We start talking and talking again ignoring everyone. So he opens up his phone and shows me a picture of him shirtless lol. Kinda of weird for a staight guy to show me this. Anyway the whole night he's been asking me if i was seeing anyone. I finally tell him that i was bi, actually gay but i didn't wanna scare. He says its cool and he doesn't care.
He says he's got a girlfriend and tells me stories of all the girls he's been with and even had a gay roomate... Well its 2:30 in the morning, and all of a sudden his brother is about to get into a fight so its time to leave. We say our good byes.
He comes over my house yesterday with his brother, and the same thing basically repeats itself, talked for hours and how nothing matters but his eyes staring into mine. I ordered pizza and he pays for it, kinda mad about that, then he asks me that he doesn't really have a girlfriend, its just someone he talks too. A while later he asks me if i was top or bottom... kinda awkard for a straight guy to be asking questions like this. i just tell him i never tried it, which is the truth..
Then he says its time for them to head out and yet again they stay for like 2 more hours... I can't figure this guy out at all. I should just ask him but i don't wanna make it uncomfortable, for me and him.
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2 Responses Jul 26, 2012

Guess you going to have to be more forward with him. or just spill a beer on him and ask for his clothes to wash. That should start something up. See if he asks for anything to put on. If so just give him a towel. see what happens.

well ,, its kinda weird but goo weird .... don't ask just tell him he is cute, he got a nice smile and stuff like that,, give him a hunch that u attracted to him and see his reaction.