I Am Gay And Out

I am a 65 year gay white male. I am totally OUT. I'm in a long term relationship. Same guy for over 22 years. Love talking to and being friends with much younger gay guys. Am caring, sincere, and honest. Maybe later I'll tell some stories of my past with much younger friends.
I am disabled and diabetic but not letting it get me down. I still get around fairly well and the diabetes is totally under control.
Also trying to better the low disability income. Looking for home income opportunities and have one on the back burner waiting to get it started when I have the funds. If anyone wants to know, it is a 1-800 dream line. Hope to eventually have three lines-the maximum allowed by the company. Have a friend who said he will help when he cans, but he has financial problems as well. Tried the beg sites with no results and cannot get a loan because of past debt issues.
So that is my story-so far. More to come later or between friends made here.
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Sep 9, 2012