Best Friends Forever

tonight i went to a party and some guys found out i was gay and started making fun of me... All my straight friends, doesnt matter if they r straight or not, but they all jumped up and started defending me. I was so happy and speechless that they would do something like that for. I almost cried, Now i know that they would die defending me and i would do the same for them. I feel so lucky that i cried. I didn't even think they would do something like that for me. Those two guys that made fun of me would have gotten jumped. I had 7 friends that were defending me. I don't have the words to describe it at all. I am so happy and gratefull for the friends i have. I don't know how i could repay them but i love them all so much. I am tearing up writing this and i want them to know how thankfull i am for them. I had to write this short story of what happend, i am so happy.
lorsive lorsive
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4 Responses Sep 16, 2012

I am very happy for you to find great friends.

We have the same friends but they defend me in debate-ive way. Hahaha. :)

Very cool story! Made me smile.

it's great having such friends, you must be lucky.

thank you, they are all very important to me