Romance With 3 Brothers

it may sound bad, but let me tell you i couldn't helped they are all wonderful everyone in his own self.
let me start from Lii(the middle one) he is unique, tough, lovely, social, cool, open hearten, and he have unconditional love for me, i really feel he could do anything for me. one twist he is totally straight, but i could helped but fall in love with, well it was hard and end with me heartbroken but he used to allow me touch his body and kiss him in the cheek, in one morning he was on the bed and i sit with him and felt his body and i noticed that he was hard( not because of the touching, i think he was horny) and i touched it and rubbed it then i sucked him.. i couldn't forget that day.

the second is (moha) is the eldest one he is actually older than me 5 years but we are friends since10 years ago, he is different from Lii, he is soft, open minded, not very social. he is bi and we have fun time to time, we are not in love, but we enjoy each other though he is not comfortable with it.

the third one is (Maan) is the youngest one of the 3 and he is 7 years younger than me, he is adorable, sexy, shy, complicated, tough, very cool and we love each other, he is romantic, soft heart person, he is bi and we are comfortable together, we have fun when we are together.

one funny thing is Maan who is the youngest one have biggest ****, then comes Lii and Moha who is the eldest one have the smallest one.
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I like it!