My Lesbian Girlfriend Has Given Up Sex

I have been with my girlfriend for just over 3 years. We split up last year but went travelling together this year and got back together whilst we were travelling.
At the start of our relationship I was inexperienced being with women and so I was unable to make her ****** every time we had sex. However when we got back together a few months ago our sex life had improved. Then last night and the last few times we had sex she didn't ******. This is really frustrating and puts pressure on our relationship. I tell her we need to try new things and work on our sex life but she says we have tried and now she says let's not have sex anymore or take a 2 month sex break an see what happens.
The thing with this is I feel like crap not being able to please her and she has a high sex drive. I feel like she will try and get with someone else for sex. She says she won't and can please herself but I know deep down she just wants a great sex life. She tells me I am a great person and a good girlfriend but I don't feel like I am.
Our relationship isn't just based on sex but I want this to work. We have tried sex toys, new positions etc I don't know what else to do. I care about her very much and feel like a total loser now.
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Yeah we drink sometimes not a lot tho

No pressure and when we have sex it's indoors.
Any other ideas what you think we could do?
We both seem to not know what to do about it. I want to work on things and she wants to have a sexless relationship which I fear will be doomed.

Alcohol?? are you guys drinking more?? Or of course you are both puttin each other under so much pressure to make things right that its effecting her??

Are you guys under pressure, are the places you're making love to public which is inhibiting her?? There could be all sorts of reasons other than what you are suggesting??