I Am A Bisexual And I'm Proud Of It.

My name is Carl and I'm gay and only my friends knew about this.

well It's definitely hard but my BFFs are making it easy for me because I just feel happy when I'm with them and same as them.

Well I have this problem, and I want to share this to you guys.. :)

It came to my mind that "will I ever find a man that can make me happy". because it makes me loose my confidence when seeing a handsome man and it makes me insecure in a way that I pity myself and asking myself, will I ever have a man that looks like that? and still now I'm struggling with this problem that maybe I'll be living on my own. but I don't loose hope. I know someone is out there waiting for me as my friends told me that I'm still young but still I keep on looking everywhere but most of my time I wait and pray.

ArsenalOfKarl ArsenalOfKarl
Sep 19, 2012