Out, Happy, Loved

Hi, my name is C.A.M. or changi and I am gay. I came out 2008 of November. I wouldn't say came out but a force out. I have my story posted on EP, it is called "Harsh but Thankful." Though it wasn't as a happy experience, I'm glad it happen or I would never have gone out of the closet. I am currently happy with my life; my family and friends support me. When I'm getting teased or made fun of for being gay, I have people to defend me. I also feel loved by them, and I am loved by my own boyfriend, JJ. I'm still somewhat new on Ep and would like to get comfortable with the community here. Nice to meet you, who is reading this. :)
changi12 changi12
18-21, M
2 Responses Sep 20, 2012

Wish I had had the courage to come out when I was your age or had been outed then. At 57, it is aterriying thought, coming out. As we age we become more intolerant of things like homosexuality, as least it seems that way with the people I run with. That is what I like about EP; I can express my self and my sexuality without fear.

welcome changi ,,, nice name by the way