Should I Give Up?

My ex. BF he is a playboy and work in USA and 2-3mont he will come to see me in Thailand ,3years of our relationship he try to clear his work and immediately come to see me ,I always trust him and try to take care of him when him sick ,because I studying about health. Sometime he will send a ticket to let me go to see him at USA and one year ago I went to see him ,you know I can find something that make me surprise's condom !!(maybe he sleep and forgot to leave it until I came to )that situation make us to be broken (as I told you he is a playboy). After that he try to reconcile me but I reject to return ,because he hurt me too much and more than I can forgiven. Now ,he still reconcile me and try to do everything that can change my mind,sometime I had ever thought to return but I have to stop it ,because I m fear that the resource will be the same as he did.How should I do ,I still hesitate for now :(
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Don't lose confidence. If you can't forgive him try to anyone who is loyal to you. All the best!

Thx. for your suggestion :) but anyone that you mean they still invisible for now lol hopefully, best guy will come to my life soon hahaha :)

i may be invisible for now...but one day i will be as vivid and clear as a crystal your eyes can see.hahaha :)

oh really ? undefine on your words hahaha :)

all the best to you!

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