**** Grindr!!!

Well I started grindr because I really want a serious relationship with a cute guy but it's hard finding guys... Well my best friend told me its a great place to meet guys, and that her friend tried this app and he met a really nice and cute guy... Well last week on Sunday I met some guy and he took me on a date to south beach... It was supper cute but we ended up giving each other head on the beach :P and Monday I lost my virginity to him.... And we stopped talking...( btw it was the same guy my best friend's friend met) So far this app looks like a way to hookup and I was wondering... Where do you mean genuine cute gay guys that don't only want a one night stand... Have you met guys like that? How long did it last? What should I do??? Anything you say will be helpful. :) Thanks.
18-21, M
1 Response Nov 25, 2012

Apps and websites are good for hook-ups and not much else. I find the best way to meet other people is through common interest clubs. I the city where I live there are several great gay clubs: Frontrunners, Out for tennis, Out dining, hill walking club, there is even a gay Star Trek club. So go out and mingle, have fun and you’ll meet Mr right. If not you will have fun looking.