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Can I be straight , I don't want to be gay , I want to be surrounded with beautiful girls have a wife a home , whyme god . I feel we gay people exist cause u want us to exist . But why me why ?
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5 Responses Nov 28, 2012

As much as you want that, you'll have to make do with what you have. I don't think it really makes much of a difference to have a husband, if that's what you prefer.

I am married to a woman and I came out to her, because I could not deny it any longer. I grew up in a small-hick town where I honestly never realized guys were an option, so I just avoided girls altogether. I started to think I was gay in my early twenties only to be told I was not gay by my parents. So, I got married to my best friend and we had a daughter. Now 14 years later I have broken her heart, because I didn't follow mine and be who I really am. Take it from me, you will never totally snuff out your true desires.

Being gay is not a choice that we pick, but instead it is a lifestyle that literally chooses us. Our destiny is just that, it is our destiny. If you are gay like you say you are then you have to come to terms with how you feel and what you truly want. Nobody else can choose your destiny as it has already been chose for all of us. You will never be happy with your inner-self unless you embrace who you are and what you stand for. Without embracing those two things you will essentially never be happy with yourself. Everyone wants to be happy, but without accepting your self for what you are you will never achieve this.


I think a lot of gay people have fantasized about having a wife, kids, nice home and car. I myself are one of them. But I know if I were to get married to a women it wouldn't be fair to her because I would always secretly desire to be with a man. You can still have the "picket fence" lifestyle but with another man. You can always adopt kids,

being gay is not so bad, you can still all that if you want but if your gay i don't think being married to a girl will make you as happy. Just do whatever that makes you feel happy