Accept Who You Are

Being gay is not a choice that we pick, but instead it is a lifestyle that literally chooses us. Our destiny is just that, it is our destiny. If you are gay then you have to come to terms with how you feel and what you truly want. Nobody else can choose your destiny as it has already been chose for all of us. You will never be happy with your inner-self unless you embrace who you are and what you stand for. Without embracing those two things you will essentially never be happy with yourself. Everyone wants to be happy, but without accepting your self for what you are you will never achieve this.

I came out of the closet some 16 years ago and while the road was difficult at times, it is a road that I would have not taken any differently.

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1 Response Nov 28, 2012

Deffinitely do not rush youself and feel that you have to make a hoice, because you really don't. In time, the decision will come naturally and probably when you are least expecting it. When this happens, you will know and based on what you know, the feelings of being yourself will take over. You will not have to think of what to do as it will just happen and your course of actions will be based on what makes you happy. If you ultimately feel that you have to come to a conclusion right now you will do nothing but cause yourself undue stress. I know this feeling and I am sure that many others in here can relate, but come to grips with your decision on your terms, and not the terms of of self-preassure or outside preassure.

In other words, just let it come naturally...