My First Time

I was fifteen. I was still not sure about my sexuality back then. He was my classmate, we lived in a dormitory. There were a lot of students staying in the dorm and we didn't have enough beds, so we shared.

We shared the same bed for about 5 months without anything happening. But i was always fascinated by how good he smells. By the fifth months, it was rainy season, and we started sharing blankets.

He usually sleeps shirtless. His body is nice. On especially cold nights he will put his arm around me, and i can feel his skin against mine. I felt the warmth, but we're not sexually aroused, so nothing happens.

Until one night, it was a cold night, we were both shirtless. This time he puts his arm around me, but i happened to be facing him instead of turning away from him like i usually do. I can feel his breath and i can smell him. He has a musky but soft smell and his skin.... i was instantly aroused. He was holding onto me and i can sense his breathing is getting a bit faster and heavier. I can almost taste his lip, we were so close together.

I couldn't control myself and i put my lips onto him. His breathing stopped for a while...and I think my whole world stops along. After about three seconds, that feels like eternity to me, he returned my kiss.

And the rest is history. I kissed him like mad, and he returned my kiss, just as mad. I arched my body to him, and he responds. Our breathing was fast but we still have enough sense not to wake the other students. I touched his crotch and feels his hardness. It was breathtaking. I took it out and feels every inch, feels how big and how long and how hard it is. I took his balls and feel how it feels. It was exciting for me, and i can tell he likes it. He was letting me touch his most private part. And he started to do the same thing to me.

We lost track of time ( I don't think it lasted very long since it was first time for both of us) untill we both came, i felt his wetness and I exploded with my own ******. No moaning, no groaning, but it was intense. He was holding me as tight as he possibly can and i was holding onto him like i've never hold anyone before. We held each other for quite some time until the passion died. Then he turned away from me. I felt like i just passed a point of no return, whether i should regret it, or just be satisfied with it, and i don't exactly know what to do with how i feels. So i turned around as well.

Well, thats how it goes. But it was not without price. You see, he is not gay, and as much as he enjoyed himself with what we do, I know he feels it that is was wrong. After some times, we drifted apart. We both know that we shouldn't had done it. It was wrong because it was just lust and we had done things that we should have done only with the right person. Something precious was given away, both by me and him, and we both gave it to the wrong person. And somehow it hurts..

We were meant to be only just friend. The act had made us sets boundaries between the two of us. Unspoken, unseen, but it hold both of us back towards each other. Maybe over time the boundaries will never really be gone, but i know I love him, my dear friend.

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26-30, M
Dec 2, 2012