My First Experience......

I always knew I was gay, and so did one of my classmates. For over a year, I'd had a crush on him; he works out at the local gym often, and is very masculine, but I knew he was gay too. One day in College he asked me quite simply: "Are you gay?" I was shocked, but relieved at the same time. No-one had ever asked before, and I was flattered that he took enough interest to notice. "Yes." I replied. "I am." Simple, but straight to the point.

We were on the same course at college (Maths) and we were having to study for exams. He asked me before hand to hang around after class for him to ask me something. So I did, and he came out grinning.

"Wanna come to my place to study?" He asked, grinning. I knew he lived with his parents, but what was the problem? All we were going to do was studying. I quickly texted my mom, and told her I'd be back late, not sure when. I answered to him (his name was David) "Sure, why not?" So, we got into his red sports car (rich parents, lucky man!) and he drove away to his place.

It was Summer, and very hot. I was hot, but didn't want to remove any clothing like my t-shirt in case he thought I was suggesting something. However, he did.

"I'm really hot, I'm gonna take off my shirt. Do y'mind?" He peeled it off, to reveal a six pack, slightly tanned.
"No, of course not." I was trying to keep my breathing under control, and I could feel my **** hardening. God, he was hot!!! We drove on, now driving down an isolated road.
"I'm still boiling!" He suddenly exclaimed. "Mind if I remove my trousers?" Before, I could answer, he spoke again. "But you see, I'm driving, and if I pull over I'll just end up in a ditch. Could you unfasten my belt and fly, and slid 'em down please?"

I thought "Holy ****, I'm gonna crap myself if I have to see him dressed in practically nothing!" But, he was grinning, and waiting for me to do it, so I reached over, my hands fumbling. As I started to pull them down. he grabbed my hand, and shoved it down his boxers. Before I knew what was happening, I could feel his hard, thick, bloody sexy **** on my fingers, and it felt amazing.
"You like that, don't ya!" David grinned again, then pushed my hand further down. I hadn't been applying much pressure, but now my index finger was pushing down, feeling around, and teasing the tip without me knowing.
"Ohhhhhhh, yh......" David gasped suddenly, and pulled over.

"What about the ditches!" I questioned, knowing what was happening.
"I don't ******* care. I just wanna see YOUR ****." David reached over, grabbed my jeans, unzipped them, and removed them swiftly with my boxers. God, I was embarrassed, my **** was titch compared to his giant, but his fingers were soon touching me. He put his hand on my shoulders, and practically pushed me out of the car, even though we were both naked. There was a forest, so he guided me into there. David lay me down, gazed at me, then got on all ours, stared lustily at my ****, then put his mouth to it, sucking as hard as he could, practically shoving it down his throat. I gasped uncontrollably, lolling about with his mouth sucking my ****, and as he broke away, I lusted his body. So, I pushed him playfully down, and repeated the whole pattern. God, it was good - hard but slightly tender in my mouth, my saliva all over his ****, my tongue carefully exploring inside his **** and balls. GOD, I thought. BLOODY ******* AMAZING! Part 2 of what happened soon. Please post any response, thanks!
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I am looking forward to the part two of your story

I love your story

Thanks - I'm gonna post part 2 soon but not quite yet, very busy at the mo with Uni work!!!