Fired... For Homsexuality???

Up until last week I considered my work place a progressive area. Until our new Superintendent fired me. Why? For being gay.

He said, and i quote "We believ that your sexual preferences may have negative repercussions in the school community." Despite the fact that I had never been complained about, despite being a very popular teacher, despite the fact that it is illegal to descriminate based on sexual orientation.

My superindentent fire me for being gay, how ****** is that? I thought that we were a nice town. But now me and my boyfriend Simon are living on 1 income, (he works a track coach in a highschool.) and its not easy. I've talked to several (former) Co-workers and parents in the community, and they are furious. From what I heard the students are actually planning a protest, they plan top come to school in the steotypical gay outfit and hold signs saying "DESCRIMINATION IS CRIMINAL" and all such. I am very very proud of my students who are taking a stand against homophobia, and hopefully I will get a job again, without that moron superintendent.

More later :D
-Francis Mooney
FancisMooney FancisMooney
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1 Response Dec 7, 2012

That is just wrong what a stupid corrupt person the superintendent must be