That Awkward Moment.

Did you ever had a mortal enemy before? Well i did. This guy was my classmate when we were freshmen. He and I used to fight terribly, call each other names, he even punched me one time. However I think he's gay and is just in denial of it because when he knew who my secret crush was he would pick on me two times worst and he'll pick on the guy I'm having a crush on as well.
But I'm not sure though since after freshmen year I tansffered. Yet him and I still see each other but both of us not talking, a glimpse here and there and thats basically it.
Right now were in college and we happend to be in the same institution and that is unexpected actually. Sometimes I swear he wants to talk and tell me things but doesn't, and I want to approach him and tell him things as well but I just couldn't find the courage to talk to him. And sometimes I just lay in my bed, thinking of what ifs.What if he likes me and just doesn't want to believe it,."sigh" I wish I knew, After all these years I realized I secretly loved him which was awkward on my part, but in my opinion i think LOVE really is that awkward moment between you and the person you love.
Ganymede20 Ganymede20
18-21, M
Dec 8, 2012