Sauna Sissy Cumslut

Went to the sauna twice this week and had 38 ***** and my hole barebacked 17 times dear diary. One hot experience was when I was being spit roasted in my room sucking two daddies ***** one on my bed and one standing. My rooms dor was open and my back door as well as I felt sum annon **** entering my sphincter. I had already taken two barebacks before so my hole wqas lubed with **** and ready for the taking. I did not look at any faces but U can always tell when they are about to ***, the tempo picks up and a firmer grip on my breeders hips and that grunt. Took another 4 bb then a hard top starts ******* me, pulling out and the sideways *******.. mmmm another load was comning my way. I glance back as one guy **** in my mouth and I suck another.... shocking I see 7 guys in my room. I dle hands are the devils workshop and I am veery busy at what I do best and had no ideal how much time had passed, I could not look at nor did I wanb to see my watch. In tha session musta had 10 loads easily seeding and breeding me in my room.Then the room quites down as I had pleased em all and I am playing with a **** and ask him if he wants to  **** me he says he already did, Jameon your on a roll.I getting rather horny by this point and stroll down to the glory holes wham bam thankyou mame, gave 3 bjs in a row and never miss a drop, then another bareback and another. Oh jameon it is close to 2 in he afternoon it was busy now its not, I cleaned the place out and needed some fresh ****.I wanted to **** sum guy but he wanted to use a rubber and I said ok and did not **** him. Back to the glory holes and gave a couple more bjs, maybe 4 to b exact and called her a day, plus my time was getin short and did not wanna pay, the guy at the door, Duncan twice. Does know his name make me a reg there.
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love to do that!!!

I would let you **** me bareback

i just love you and all your stories keep them ******* plz mmmm.