Times When You're Romantically Hopless And Helpless.

We all love, and that's the truth. But unlike in the big screen or in theatre acts, not everyone recieves love in return for the love they have given.
We love, we admire, and we sometimes give effort to the people were having feelings with for us to be noticed somehow. but often times were still left given no recognition at all. That is the Hopeless side of loving, we can give our everything for someone but they won't do the same or us.
Another truth in loving is that sometimes you love alone, you love without recieving any from the person you loving. We can never force others to have feelings for us, we can ask them to try but trying means love wasn't present at all and your just forcing yourself to think positive even when you know how ludicrous things are. You can day dream all you want but your just living in our own falasy. And when that happens we are helpless, since all we want is an equivalent exchange to something we have openly given.
When you love, you're vulnerable. When you love, you can sometimes break apart. When you love, you're not yourself. And when you love you're weak without you noticing it.

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4 Responses Dec 11, 2012

I agree with you wholeheartedly!

This is SO right!

This is so true....every word you wrote is true...ive gone through a same experience like what you said...it sucks loving someone, them knowing you love them, and they not loving you back...it totally sucks...sometimes you feel like you won't get someone to love you that way...

i thinks whom i've loved they didn't love me in return and i feel like i will live my life alone

If life is what you make it, then love I see no difference when you're loving ;)