I so want to come out of the closet, i need to meet some gay friends i need help with being who i am inside and i want to experience truely what being the person you are inside is i don't want to hide anymore i dn't want to suppress the feelings anymore i am suffering over it.
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wow i Loved your note too oneBlogger 18 years married here but left few days ago for good because i cannot deny myself anymore now i am looking for someone.

You're not going to rot in hell for just being who you've always been. We didn't choose to be gay -- it's in our genetic makeup. Also, I'm of the opinion that we can't help who we fall in love with, whether male or female.

I wish that I hadn't waited so long to be true to myself. I was married for 14 years and now single for 13 years. I finally came out (fully) this year and it's no big deal now to admit it to anyone.

wow i loved all the comments lol i tell you Mic272 i am in that situation myself well i was i left and now i am looking for a loving man to have in my life... i am becoming so much happier being "TRUE" to myself and my biggest regret is that i have waited too long myself what a coincidence... WOW also all the doors that i have kept locked in my mind have just unlocked and opened up i don't have to hide anymore i am a loving person and I am proud of that even if societ labels me and says Rot in hell well if God sends me to hell for loving a man then i am going to find somene to love before i go there for eternity and give them all of who i am and be happy while i have what short time on earth that i have. Love you guys!

In a span of 6 months, I went from a married man with 3 kids to a gay man with a steady boyfriend. I'm not saying coming out was easy but my biggest regret now is that I waited too long to do it. Some people were a bit shocked but honestly It all worked out in a surprisingly short period of time.
Just be true to yourself and be yourself! Life is short.

You might think I'm very young to give you advice, but I have also had struggles with coming out. In fact, I'm still not accepted by my parents. I have written a few stories about coming out/love, and you are welcome to read them. Perhaps it will help you. Feel free to message me anytime!


add me as a friend you have your messaging blocked

I live in San Diego.

I can't add you as a friend for some strange reason. I can give you the name of my stories. One of them is called "I am a gay dude", quite simply. The other is "Am I in love for a second time?" Enjoy!

thats cool well i left my marriage i cannnot suppress my feelings anymore and i don't care what society thinks this is my life i want to be happy and truely live my life not hiding anymore.

wow why can't you add me?

ok i fixed my privacy policy add me now

It seems I am still unable to add you. Anyway, I'm glad that you are comfortable with who you are and don't care what other people think :).

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