Ibiza Part 5

so it is my fourth day in ibiza and it has been continuously warm and sunny, which is fitting seeing as these are the happiest days of my life, Being with pedro makes me feel alive, for the first time. We were walking along a beach just north of san antoni and two attractive girls walked past and winked at pedro, he smiled and took my hand, They looked in envy at me and i rubbed it in by kissing him lightly on the lips, he drew me in again but by now the girls had gone off, sulking most likely. as we kissed i pulled him down onto the warm sand and we lay there, looking at the sky, just talking.

I felt an exitement rise in my, as i lay there with him in my arms, i realised that weve been boyfriends for four days and its as if we have already sealed our relationship. there was a silence but it wasnt awkward, i looked at his face and smile and we put our foreheads together. i withdrew as i realised, i still had a girlfriend and my roommate back in england. i told him these and he sat up, sun bringing out the tan in his bare chest ( i was now tanning too). I asked how i was going tell them. I sat next to him with my hand on his leg and my head rested on his warm shoulder.

"well cross that bridge when we get to it" he said, i was going to respond but his tounge was already in my mouth and i relaxed. The beach was now empty and he took advantage of that and lay on top of me and i put my arms round him, still kissing.

"are you too hot" i asked when he had finished, he nodded and i grabbed his hand and we ran towards the sea and jumped through the wave, laughing. He pulled me under and kissed me, the sea fading to blue behind him, the salty taste of the seawater and the ripples of sunlight on his face. we came up for air and and him standing there waist deep in the cool water, water dripping off his wet hair made me grab hold of him and submerge him for another kiss.

When back at the hotel room he sat down exhausted whilst i kissed the salt crystals from his hair.

muddingmad muddingmad
18-21, M
Jan 6, 2013