Same Story, Different Scenario

It seems that, according to what I read, gay and bisexual people are the most stigmatized and oppressed social groups on society. But I think the level of reject depends on where you are referring to.

Let's see it on a big city, like New York, for example. The way people think, see other people and even their philosofy differs from where they come from. In a place like this, being gay is not that big issue; society has already accepted the GLBT Community and no one discriminates anyone.

But if we start talking about the same but on a country like Ecuador, you gotta be careful to even say the word "gay", "lesbian", or "bisexual".

People here is so conservative and close-minded that they not only reject homosexuality, a lot even treat it as a contagious, curable disease. And if not, they think it is a choice and whoever is gay, deserves hell more than a murderer.

I can't say I wish I weren't born here or with this society since, without it, I wouldn't have been who I am, and I'm happy to be the kind of person I am; thoughtful, smart, open-minded and understanding.

Also, that's exactly why I can't tell my family my situation, they would treat me either like a piece of poop and not talk me ever again, or like a lab rat, trying to find a cure to my "illness" or "disability". Luckily I have my good loving friends who I have told and accept me for who I am. People of my age give me hope of my generation, for they are tolerant and the representation of a good society.

I know in the future the world will have changed its way of thinking; acceptance and tolerance will be the golden rule and this will just be a past issue.

Or maybe not...
arocerec arocerec
18-21, M
Jan 6, 2013