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Story Of My Gay Life Part 02

Its been a year since Manny have been molested by his uncle and still continues to do that to him. Manny had nobody to go to except his cousin Tony, Tony was Manny favorite cousin , they known each other ever since they were born, but yeah Manny tries to explain Tony what his uncle does to him, but he doesn't know how to tell him cause he doesn't know anything about sex. But Manny thought it would be better to show him, then him telling him. So Manny started grabbing Tony just like his uncle does it, Tony just stood still and didn't say anything. Manny then lean forward and kiss Tony, after Manny backed off from him, he looked into Tony's eyes and smiled. Tony smiled back as like if he liked the kissed, After that manny started to forget everything about his uncle and just kepted staring at Tony face, manny was starting to have this feeling he never felt before with Tony. Manny didn't know what this feeling was coming from, but he sure liked it.
mannyboo mannyboo 16-17, M Jan 8, 2013

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