My Bi Friend(i Think) And I part 1

I dont speak english so sorry for the grammar. i'm learning it. Im here to share a story of a friendship full of confusion, suspicions, love(maybe), and pleasure. first i'll write a lil bit about me. I'm 16 years old, i like men more than women. and i have a male barefoot fetish. that's another story that i'll share too. well. His name is jonathan, a name that when is said, i deeply breath. When he moved to the street where i live, he became popular instantly. don't know why but he has the essence. he is cute. girls go crazy. i used to go to a neighbor house (daniela) at nights to talk. dany became friend of him first than me. and i knew him there. one day dany and me where talking in her bedroom on the bed. jonathan opened the door and stood there. i looked him from his feet to his face(but my face expression was like, yes, you there,i'm here, like disinterested) and he went in and sit infront me in a chair. i was seeing his feet while he was talking to dany. and they were so cute that my penis(uknow) . he realized i was looking at his feet and he turned his face to me, then i turned my face to him and we smiled. since that day. I tried my best and became friend of him. (i'm not that social). and then began the strange behaviors. everytime he saw me he smiled. hugged me. he was friendly. he asked me about how was my day. he always sat by my side when we talked and always found a pretense to touch me(my feet with his feet, and i loved it. then i realized that he maybe...). he also stroked my head wih his hands. when we were more confident each other. he kissed me on the cheek sometimes and also the neck (i pretended to unlike to mask the desire of kissing him on the lips and be with him in bed). he "accidentally" touched my penis alltime. he said to me "i want to kiss those lips" looking at my eyes and in front of me, very near me. he softly bit my ear and said to me i like you (my penis couldnt resist it, i just wanted to put it into his...)when we talked each other i liked to see directly his brown eyes(i know he enjoyed it) .he sat on my legs for little moments. i enjoyed the gay actions he had with me and we never said anyword about it. we just did it that's it. I loved it and I obviously knew he liked what he did with me.(his gestures). It is not common of two guy friends to do all that.(there was a moment when i began to do the same to him, one day i saw that his penis got hard when i "accidentally" touched and stroked his feet with my hands, beacuse he used to put his feet on my legs). One night 5 friends of the neighborhood went to dany's house to talk. including the brother of jonathan, who has cute feet that i love to see too. but that i've never touched :/ . that night we turned off the lights of the porch and began to talk about scary experiences. jonathan and me were sat down face to face. and put his feet on the arm of my chair. but later he disimulated and put one foot in my crotch. (anyone saw it they were paying attention to dany talking) I was in heaven, it felt so great.... then my penis got hard, when he felt it, he began to move his foot so softly and move it and move it, stroking and stroking ... i was so excited and i ********** my pants. after that, we didnot say anyword to eachother. next day he traveled to other city for a week. i missed him so much.
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Lying on your back, your feet should be on my shoulder....;))

Ooh la la!!!;) This is HOT! A sexy french friend of mine gave me a footjob in January. I'll share the experience soon :-)

Hot. When are you goin to write the next part? Did you ever do it again?

sorry I havent had time for that.

Great story, and you did a very good job with English! Many who speak only English here don't do as well! I hope you will write more because I want to know more! It's a hot hot story, and I can just imagine how you felt, when it's so rare for two guys to do those things.

<p>Great job writing your story! Can tell that you had a very exciting horny time with him. And I would guess he was very hard himself while his feet were stroking you off. I know your *********** was a very good one.Thank you for sharing your experience.</P>

awesome story , well your english is better than mine ;)

Oh and the title, i really think he likes you, just saying ;)

That was a good story, your english is not too bad, but i really want to hear more :)

hahaha ok. wait for part 2