One Of Those Queermosexuals!

Yep, I'm gay. I hate the word "lesbian" though. Not what it means or anything like that, I just dislike the way it sounds. I prefer to go by queer. It has a nice ring, I think.
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2 Responses Jan 13, 2013

qeurr is a weird word for me well half of the sexual orientations name sound weird for me like the word homo sounds weird to me and bi and pan soyeah kinda funny how i probably am gay or bi but i think the words sound weird well then again earthbound sounds weird and i still play it

Back in the good old days (like horse and carriage days in Europe), lady-loving ladies were referred to as Saphists. I think the word sounds much prettier and less vocally harsh than the words "lesbian" or "queer", but that's just my opinion. :)