Im Gay

Hay everyone I'm gay :) I was 13 when I realized I was a attracted to men. I'm 22 now and still in the closet. I never kissed or have sex with a guy. the closest i ever got was last year. I at this frat party a U Penn. i was chillen by my self at the time and an openly gay man came up to me out of no where and we started talking. after a while i admitted to him that i was gay and we were talking some more lol. then after 5 drinks that Renina song "we found love" came on and both of us started laughing awkwardly. Then He said "**** it lets go" he grab my hand and we went on the dance floor and danced our *** off. after a while we exchange numbers and left. i have yet to call him.
Frankiebaby90 Frankiebaby90
22-25, M
Jan 16, 2013