Single Gay Guy Here From Philippines Waiting For The Right Guy To Come!

I am just your regular guy out there with pleasant disposition in life, optimistic about the future. I am outgoing, easy to go along with, friendly and warm. At first I may be a bit shy but once I get to know you better and comfortable enough to hang around with you, my natural shining personality come out.

I am 28 years old currently living with my family but I want to be independent and away from home soon. I want to be able to cook and work in a restaurant at the same time travel to many places. Some of my interests include movies, music, travel, food, computer, Internet, pc games, animals and pets, nature, sports etc.
I am looking for someone nice, dependable, kind, loving, understanding, loyal something that is an ideal guy or maybe just close to being an ideal guy will do. Any nice, warm and friendly people are welcome to post any comments or suggestions here... thanks!
bootsguy bootsguy
26-30, M
Jan 16, 2013