I Am Still Gay

It wasn't my choice! I didn't wanted to! But here am i, a young teenage in his 14's attracted to his mates! It is confusing, it is discusting! It is awful! I didn't ask for that! All i wanted is to be "normal"! I thaught maybe it is just a phase, maybe all teenagers feel lost and uncertain about this matter, maybe it is your hormons! Things will change!
Years have passed, i am 25 now and i'm still gay! In fact i am gayest than ever! I'ne made sex with many men, but i still didn't find my self! I think i have been using sex as a pain killer! No one i my family or my friends knows about me and prefer it this way! I don't feel like coming out anytime soon, or maybe at all!
I hope someday i will find someone whith whom i can live happily ever after, but i am not sure! It seems that all gays prefer one night stand relationships, or are to use to long term committement! I don't know if i am!
I don't like to sound that i am, i don't know. a kind of a victim, because i'm gay! We, gay people, have victimized our self for a very long time! we are just like anybody else! I hope one day we will understand that so that others do!
I just wanted to share with you my feelings and my thaughts, it is always a pleasure to talk, or in this case "write", out your feelings.
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1 Response Jan 18, 2013

Dont be confuse of how you feel. Its not wrong as long as your true to yourself.