In Early High School Wrestling

I was at my older brother's wrestling match. I was there because I had to be and not because I wanted to be. This is several years ago, at least 15 years but I still remember it like yesterday. My eldest brother, such an amazing athlete and very much straight, was an excellent wrestler. I never paid much attention to him him wrestling but I did all the other guys. I was young but had went through, or continuing to go through puberty! I will never ever forget this moment. I had to use the restroom and I walked into the gym showers/restrooms. I heard some talking going about.
I looked through the corner of the wall and watched as this one white guy asked this hispanic guy, who were in the wrestling competition, do you know how to make your **** look bigger? I was immediately mesmerized at the sound of these words. Wow, was I really hearing and watching this? The white guy lifted the strap off the latin guy's singlet. And right after he took the the left strap off. I was to young to understand but hard enough to know what I liked. He lowered the hispanic teenagers singlet and it revealed a throbbing ****.....
I watched as the white dude kept licking it and sucking it. The latin guy tried to grab the white guys **** but he wouldn't let him. Man it appeared the whit guy had the bigger ****. Than I was caught! Yeah I was watching.. Curious and interested. They saw me watch and it turned them on more. I was bigger than most for my age. Even bigger than the two teenagers... No more than oral sex took place... but wow I will never forget this story... Somehow they both watched me as they pleased themselves. I never did anything but watch. And showed my endowment at my youth.
I'm not bragging at all to this day.. but I learned a lot from this situation.. and learned to never worry what's in between my legs! One thing I forgot to mention was the white guy was telling the hispanic wrestler how to make his **** look bigger. He showed him how to stuff his junk... Thing is... the hispanic guy was nice and huge already!
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Wow, So sad. Being gay is the best thing I could imagine and I have been so happy for so many years and enjoyed so very many people intimately after freeing myself from all the hetero hate and all the hetero mythology of only one person to love and horrendous hetero god stories and all their formulaic hetero romantic **** --which is really based on and totally to sugarcoat and to support two economic social concerns: paternity and property rights. Those are actually the basis for all of marriage and for most of the religious strictures and taboos that have been developed over thousands of years to support them. The male human wants to have lots of and naturally enjoys sex, lots of sex with lots of partners and really doesn't need too much of all the other garbage unless he's been brainwashed and made to feel inferior or bad or criminal or dirty or evil or whatever the haters and ignorant try to call us. All BS! Sex is great, ***** are fantastic and delicious and the more you do it without strings attached and the more guys you enjoy the greater life is! Don't use sex to try to control others or to "marry" them or to make them do what you want --No guilt trips or power plays!! Just enjoy sex for the hot, sensuous and great release and experience it is --especially with other men and their incredible *****! I have so many great and special friends and we are so sexy and intimate, sometimes several times in a single day and sometimes in groups of us all naked and sexing with each other, everybody trying to achieve ******* and give ******* to others. I love to enjoy several ***** all at once like bukkake (google it!) Wow, being in close, physical contact with men's bodies, serving and servicing each other, and being inside their bodies and having them inside me and sharing our really magical essence and juice is the most thrilling and hot and exciting and pleasurable times I have ever had, ever experienced and ever imagined. It is actually so fantastic that society, the church, women, all the "ruling" forces are afraid of just how consuming and thrilling it is! Way beyond anything they can offer to make you do what they want and better than any food, money, entertainment, anything! Give me a man and his **** and his juice or several and I am totally fulfilled (in the real way) and totally happy! And once you've been so intimate and had so much sex with guys you have a real special, incredible bond and can do all kinds of things together in the times between having sex if there is any! LOL

Hey, this was posted on my birthday! LOL!

lol. nice story. seems like a great situation to walk in on. I would love that. lol.

Nice story, sexy males in locker room situations is always hot hot. you have your privacy restrictions blocing other members? I cannot answer the email you sent.

Great story, I would have loved to be a fly on the wall. A little fly with a big hard-on.

HAHA, I was a more like a spider on the wall with 20 eyes LOL!

Yeah I wish I would of made a presence... I think they knew I was there though.. thats what is made them *** so hard and fast!

Damnit...I wish I was there with you to see this. Would've been the opportunity of a lifetime!

Great story.... I was caught in situation like this many time but usually not as a watcher, lol ;)