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I am 19 Male White and gay, I wont commit suicide because I seem to believe in hope that things will work out. Its a lot tougher for many of you guys and I know this because I have seen the Statistics. Its normal for us to die from suicide (more than 60% of us gay men die this way) but a lot of us live in hope and so we only realize later in life that things dont get better. What i mean to say is that your chances for suicide increase with age. Our brains are traumatized with stress and other emotions.... I cant possibly list all the problems we face but the results show that we hardly ever find happiness and we @#@$ like bunnies with many different men. we contract more diseases and chances are we die before age 50.

About 2% of us humans are LGBT, This is a cry out to parents teachers and finally peers, make coming out easy for us.. It needs to become normal and acceptable. Don't look at us with evil eyes or treat us as weird. If you dont like us fine! but respect us and show humbleness as Jesus would do. Make us aware of the struggles we may face because we all grow up never knowing.

I ask for you as my brothers and sisters of the LGBT community to find a way to educate yourselves on the dangers we face. Do research to see why some "normal people" hate us. It is so scary for me to see that I wanted to die because I didnt want to be the average gay man because of the filthy lives many of us have committed ourselves to (Im not saying its our fault and im not saying it isnt but there is no point in pointing fingers at this stage). We need change and fast because we are suffering mentally and physically more than anyone else by far!!

I have a broad mind for new Ideas and the reasons I believe I am gay (not saying its true and have no true Idea to be honest) A: God has a plan for everyone... the only way I could fulfill his plan for me is if I am gay or I would fail. B: Scientifically, (Even though I believe God invented science and uses it) I was short supplied on (not sure if this is the right hormone/s) testosterone in my mothers womb and so I am attracted to only guys now. C: The world contains a lot of sin and as a result things happen that should not happen... I could be a result of the sinful human race. If you can see I firmly do not believe it is my fault because it is NOT.

To those who do not understand the LGBT community.... we are all different in what we are interested in... as an example I am only attracted to a guy that looks acts and sounds like a guy (I feel act sound and look straight, and I managed to stay in the closset for 19 years with little if any suspicions) but I do not actually like "both parts of the male gender"
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New research suggests that 25% of humans are gay and 5% of that 25% is not saying they are gay.(male and female) but other research also suggests that it could be 10% or even as low as 2%, they say it values greatly. It makes me kinda insercure In a weird way

i am gay want to go out sometime

Dude, wise words, seriously. You are actually right in what you are saying and a lot of people would not agree, I mean "the haters". They won't ever want or try to understand that what we are is nothing we can change, even though you cite God (which they would also say its wrong because we are in "constant sin", so God is not on our side) these people will claim the opposite somehow.
What part of us being humans as they are they don't understand? Or that God made us to find TRUE happiness (not just feeling temporarily good, but when you feel complete inside), and that cannot be without self honesty, which they won't let us have if we live the lie they want us to.

The complexity and confusion in these problems are why a lot of people say it is the most terrible thing that one can bare in its own life, but it's not. There are much more worse situations which I don't even want to think, hopeless situations. That's why we must stand strong and never fall for "stupid" decisions, because the world is huge and people too, giving thousands of chances to your life. That's why we have hope.