i had arrived only the day before ,i am an executive,but i made time to surprise someone,we had met on line by chance,he had came out of a bad relaionship.i on the other hand was single straight,no g/ friends.
we chated,we even called each other,i told hinm things that was special to me in any given relation.
but i had ended it,but it was to surprise him ,i order i dozen red roses,a box of choclate,i had brought the others things ,i rented a car,drove to his apartment,
i was happy as i rang the bell.he almost fainted when he saw me,i had the roses n choclate ad i kissed him,i pulled my case in shut the door,i waited then i took him in my arms n kiss him like never before,it early he was just about ready to shower,so i told him to go,after which i made him dress all in red,from the bra to the shoe,the dress was floor lenght gown.some makeup n he was as pretty ,even more beautiful than a real woman,we went to 1 of the finest resturants in town where we dine ,dance n i pop the question,
"will u marry me"
he accepted i slip the ring on his finger,we went back to his place,i spent the night there we cuddled kiss but no sex,next day i took him to get a visa.i was taking him home
salimadeen salimadeen
36-40, M
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