Just Getting Started :p

Welp, I'm partially out! Really only one person know but that person is my mom! She is supportive so that is good. But this is just the start of my coming out. I'm looking forward to the future, if anyone lives in MN friend me :) maybe we could become real friends. I need to start getting out and doing stuff.
TheMNDreamer2013 TheMNDreamer2013
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1 Response Jan 23, 2013

I only really came out to a friend in college and she's great about it. Then I met a guy who was in my class on those cheesy gay dating sites and we became good friends too. I feel it's easier for me to be myself around new people I meet than the ones I already know. I think coming out really changes people's opinion about you so I am reluctant in telling people I already know. I think if you are open with the new people in your life it will be easier. They won't know you any other way and cant change their opinion about you. Idk it makes sense to me lol. Good luck.