My First Time

I was sleeping over at a friends house and when it was time to go to sleep he took his black,fluffy,sweaty socks onto the floor right next to where I was sleeping so when he fell asleep I grabbed one of his socks and wrapped it round my erect penis but unfortunatly he woke up finding me ************ with sweaty black sock luckily he didn't mind.
After I finished explaining what I was doing we started kissing then I was giving him a hand job and before I knew it he was sucking me off on the floor and he was gagging me, spanking me and at one point I started to suck his feet and rim him.
The next morning I started sucking his nipples and licking the sweat from his armpits and sucking him off.
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god....thats completely gay :)

Would love to suck a 8 or 9 inch **** im 48 but that is my fantasy to have the man grab my head and stuf his meat down my throat and shoot never had *** in my mouth i guess just scared but if he holds my head so i couldnt escape i might like it. Still in closet not sure maybe i should go to a adult book store And NEEL in front of a hole but then he couldnt hold my head.

meant the armpit bit


That sounds amazing

hello ,wanna chat


hi mate just tried adding you but you have age restriction .you have to add me from your page.where you live ,im in holland but am actually english
i got a cool story for you aswell,about when i was 14 and stayed over at a mates.i ended up sucking his **** ,to this day iv not seen another as big as his ,i will tell you the whole story sometime

Ok. I shouldn't have an age restriction, I never put it, but I'll ad you

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Well, congratulations for you, but the rest (feet and armpit) kinda disturbed me :S