i want to stress on a few points for any gay couple.
[1] attraction is a must,
[2] getting to know that person.
[3] don't b afraid to ask questions
[4] tell each other about your likes n dislikes.
[5] b honest upfront.
[6] b faithful as long as the relationship lasts.
[7] never get into bed if u r not sure about the next step.
[8] never give in to someone who portray a violent temper.
[9] always treat the next partner with love,they r human not because they r the same sex they must b used abused n kicked out in the dump
[10] cockrings of gold /silver sholud b worn by both partners to ensure faitfulness of the marital bed,when u use your **** u will b reminded.
[11] marriage is another way of staying true to your love.[12
[12] children for those who want is a nice complement,to complete the circle.
[13] full romance,courtship,viginity,is great.
salimadeen salimadeen
36-40, M
Jan 26, 2013