The Truth

I am gay.I do love guys.I hope people don't delete me as a friend or to know because if i say it, they make fun of me.This is my first time telling.This is the first time I'm telling the truth.But in here, I should make more friend sine i'm in this group.If your reading this please understand me, cause I carenot to lose my friend.
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6 Responses Jan 31, 2013

good for you comming out so young. if you loose friends well all i can say was that they were not real friends in the first place

you can add me if you like,anyone who bins you coz yer gay is a dickhead

then here is my e mail

or you can change your age restriction to 18 then add me

Im gay can u add me please rchaire

It is great being gay especially when you get to suck your best friends and have lots more sex than any of the str8 jerks.

i feel same way. i just started admittin i gay and i scared ill loose friends. i cant help being gay tho no matter how hard i try not to.

Just be yourself and you will meet loads of new friends. If someone rejects you they are the ones losing out.