First Time

It was my dream come true for first time ever i sucked a ****. It was a black ****.I was very eager to suck a **** how would it taste like for many years as i was searching through gay dating sites i meet one guy online who wanted his **** to be sucked. We exchanged our ids had some erotic chat for couple of months.
We thought of meeting 2 months ago but things did not turn out well.Finally the day has arrived he was good gentleman who is elder to me probably in his 30's
he picked me up to his room. Then we had a normal chat and he removed his pant and put on a towel i pressed his **** for the first time felt an other guys **** it felt amazing.He opened it up and directly he inserted in my mouth it was awesome it was big black **** sucked it for 20 mins or so then later on he did *** in my mouth.
it was really a good experience now planing for an anal hope it goes well

wish me luck guys :)
nishasissych nishasissych
6 Responses Feb 2, 2013

Omg your so lucky Im bi never touched or been with a guy I want a **** all over my body in around my mouth *** all over me lick my *** suck me **** me omg I want a boytoy your lucky

Gay must have morals too.

best of luck...

i hope you enjoy the anal i was very nervuos the firts time i was 21 and he was about 30 but after we started kissing i relaxed then sucked his **** til he was hard and then when he inserted it into my *** it was amazing i ll never forget it

Sounds like fun. Good luck with your next adventure.

thnk you

Good for u

Yeah,I hope you find your dream man,and engage in all the love two like minded men can have together!

thank you