At The Edge

When I was 17 a group of girls and I went out to a local hookah bar in Columbus Ohio. It was in a part of town that is just 5mins down the road from our large lgbt community. I drove seperate from everyone else that night. After having an awesome time and downing a few mixed drinks I got asked to drive a friend home. She told me she had to run up the road and than we could leave. About 10mins go by. Standing all alone I got jumped my 5 big African Americans. Two had knives while the other one had a gun. They walked by me at first than said ****** as I turned my head towards them I took a beating. I got stabbed once and hit/ kicked the rest of the time. I didn't fight back and I took it. I was forced into the closet by my family and I believe that if it wasn't for that moment in life than I would have never come to terms with loving myself! I was left unconscious after the beating left bleeding for 30mins. Only to get rushed to the hospital and ended up with 2 broken ribs a concussion and a scar. I realized that moment I was at my all time low and that being gay IS NOT a choice.

Ps... Life gets so much better :)
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Even in high school, I was the guy who stepped into the fray on the side of the underdog. Wish I'd been there to help. At least some good came out of the experience. Thanks

Thank you. Its kind ppl like you that prove there's hope for this world. :) I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Wrong place for sure! There shouldn't have to be wrong places

agreed :)

Yes very mindless but I learned a lot out of the experience! :)

What a horrible experience that must have been. How can people do that to another human being? Mindless thugs.