My name is Adrastos.  I'm 38 years old and stumbled upon the experience project and decided to join.  I have a lot of acquaintances and do many social things, but no one knows what I cover up inside.  I trained myself from a young age to show an external happiness when I'm feeling depressed and lonely inside.  I've only had one long relationship of a year which ended badly and find it very hard to find a date.  Sometimes I wonder why my difficulty in finding a companion.  Sometimes I feel I have too many character defects that could possibly be accepted by anyone.     I keep so many things inside that I don't share with anyone.  I feel like an anonymous blog is a safe place to share these thoughts :) 

adrastos5000 adrastos5000
36-40, M
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Hope you get to enjoy some sex too.

We all put on a mask to sum extent in life. Learn to love yourself . ..Walts n all. We are all broken in some way but not beyond repair...I wish i could just hug u as you seem a nice genguine guy...take care my friend

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Welcome tp the family!!