Label-Conscious Me

Of all my close friends, only one is not part of the LGBT [Lesbian, Gay Bisexual, and Transgender] community.  I don't identify as L, G, B, or T.  I identify as queer.

I never considered myself straight because I was always open to the possibility of falling in love with a woman [I am female].  When I came out as "bi" to my close friends, they said, "Yeah, we already knew."  I asked why no one told me.

I don't identify as "bi" anymore because of the social stigmas and because bisexuality means that you only acknowledge two existing genders: male and female.  I believe that there are people that fit into both genders and none.

I like the term "queer" because, to me, it excludes anyone who is heterosexual, and includes anyone else who is other.

My best friend doesn't say she's a lesbian, she says that she's a dyke.  She likes "butch girls" and not "femmes".  I've been told I'm femme and I don't have a preference.  Still, the females to whom I have been attracted were masculine or androgynous in gender expression.

If you have to label me, I'm a queer femme female in the minority, not the majority, because of my sex, gender, race, sexual orientation, and social status.

And that's okay with me.

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I don't know why .... I do not subscribe to labels, never have. I like what I like and I do not care what others think. My business is mine only.

But the word "Queer" creeps me .... Meaning of Queer = worthless, counterfeit, questionable, suspicious, obsessed ... Synonyms are ill, nauseated, squeamish ... All negatives and horrible qualities that do not represent me in any way shape of form. If one thinks I am off I do not care ... But accepting that with meanings like the one it stands for, is impossible for me.

I do not subscribe to being bi or queer, these just only one part of my life's choices.

I am much more than my sexual identity or liking. I am a person with lot more character, interests and dynamic ideas.

Just like the song goes "You are not your hair", you're more than your sexual orientation. I don't think of myself as gay, transsexual, queer, freak, but if others wish to label me that way, that's on them. All of those terms might be part of what makes me me, but hey, I don't have time to worry about people who don't even know me think of me. I have "things" and people to do lol......Be who you are, and at the end of the day, you'll be alot happier. If others can't deal with that..........F*** e'm!!!!!

I fell in love with your writing. Keep it up!

yaaahhh you rock guuurl

I hate labels myself. =] Keep on truckin', girl. I agree with every word you said.

sorry, mistake posting this twice. I never saw the first one that showed upl

To zarda and all those with the concept that christians turn there backs. Think of an apple tree. All the apples are looking at the one big tree and feeding from it. One day an apple looks at the ground and cuts himself loose from the tree. as he is falling he say's to the other apples you turned your back on me. Little does the apple know once he hits the ground he will be apples sauce. The other apples never turned there back on you, they just understood that true friendship includes God. Without God no one has friends. We all know the bible forbids bad behaviour. We know what happened at sodom and gommorah, Noahs flood and many others. The day is comming soon. What will u say to your creator? How will you look for all eternity turning your back on the laws God gave you.

zarda. Think of an apple tree. All the apples on it are looking at the tree. One day one apple looking at the ground sees the grass and say"s " I am going to the ground it has shade and a pillow." On the way down the apple says all the other apples turned their back on me. The apple falling does not realize he cut himself off the tree of life. The other apples still feeding from the tree. See your christain friends have a loyalty to the good and the beautiful. If you choose not to be with the good and the beautiful there is nothing you christian friends can do but pray for you because God will decide your eternal fate. With no repentance not even your friends can save you. Your christian friends are dissappointed and hope you to see the light. It a spiritual war With God or with the dirty disgusting decieveing snake. Everyone makes a choice. Light hates darkness and darkness hates the light. Your christian friends care for you and see your deceived and more reason to hate the devil. However it is not a suprise to see someone choose evil and then blame christians. Jesus told us and the bible told u that same sex marriage is punished by God. So in essence anyone who chooses that behaviour would despise christians and the church. In the back of your mind it is God that tells you to stop doing it. Also, you feel shame or disgustedness that is God telling you that He has great plans for you and this is not one.

Novenafriends ...

God's choices does not include subservience to human ideals. There was god and people long before the invention of church and the Bible, laws and their interpretation.

They went to heaven based only their actions ... do not steal, be nice to all , pray with honesty to me ... you shall reach me,

As far as the Apple that fell off the tree, it said to other that were clinging on tight, while you all hold on to dear body and fear of god, I love god and shall see him long before you all. He likes me much more so he has summoned me before you.

So guys/gals do not be afraid of false propaganda and ideals. There is nothing wrong in belonging to LGBT community. God made you just as he made everyone else. Live an honest and happy life.

AGREE .... You go girl !!

I like your definition of queer, I've never really thought about it like that.

The TEN COMMANDMENTS forbid sexulity in the areas of lesbian and homosexuality. Only cowards cannot deal with the opposite sex. Science has proven that no one is born as an opposite sex than what they actually were given by God. The brain waves show that even men who say they are women still think like a man. Therefore everyone here needs to repent before demons drag them into the darkness for eternal fire. REMEMBER ALL THE FLAMES ARE EVERLASTING! YOU CAN'T ASK GOD FOR MORE TIME TO REPENT AFTER DEATH.

Seriously? Why the hell would you even look at/post on this entry if you disagree with homosexuality? Why would you be on this forum? So you can make a biased opinion based on your religion (which is total bullshit anyway) in the passages in which homosexuality is forbidden in the bible it is EQUALLY looked down upon to have per-marital sex whether you be homosexual or heterosexual. And furthermore, it's all old testament **** you are also sinning if you eat fish, shave, curse, gossip, eat pork, wear clothing in which blends cotton and polyester, or associate with women who are on their periods. Just a few examples. Sin is sin... You are a very narrow-minded and show very little care for a fellow human-being. I should think that God would be more likely to send a person like you to hell. And the only reason behind your BIGOTED views on what is androgynous is also derived from the media, and the expected roles of what is a man and what is a woman. The Bible says nothing about what it is to be a man, nor a woman. You, my friend, need to go and seek counsel with your "God" about this. And get your facts straight before you decide to force your very uneducated opinion on these nice people... Cool? Cool....

hmm m Christians are like that they suck

no your bull **** sorry but being gay doesnt mean thinking like a woman or thinking like a man it just means youlike same
gender we can act to what we want to
its just cant escape the love gender
thing no law prohibits you to think like a woman or think
like a man

Until you give up wearing jeans and blended shirts (Leviticus), stop eating shell fish and pork (Leviticus again), publicly support my rights to sell my own daughters into sexual slavery (Exodus) and explain to me whether or not a widow is obligated to marry her husband's brother or forbidden to (Leviticus and Deuteronomy) I'd politely request you stop using that book as justification for hatred and harm, at least until you've read it over to cover and decided whether or not the parts you're choosing to ignore are the right ones to be leaving out.


You are sick and do not know when to quit. For spreading false agenda without truly understanding god, you shall be sent to hell. Science my foot !!!

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does the site monitor wat we post??? you said "they" didnt put the long word bisexual?

Well I dont like labels.... either.

I think labels are getting really complicated ...

I think being androgynous is beautiful. I wish I straddled the gender binary naturally. I am interested in wearing more masculine clothing more often.

Thanks a lot!

"And that's okay with me."<br />
<br />
Good. That's what matters.

That is so queer that they exclude the word bisexual from my entry. What's wrong with the long form of the word "bi"?

do they monitor what we say??