I hate people that play with others just for "FUN" (yes i will now rant because I'm infuriated) So about a month ago i met this really nice guy, Online there fore this guy was actually gay not like every other guy i meet. well we talked and had fun on snapchat sending pics and just chatting but i always felt like he had better things to do. took longer to respond and never really asked about me. one day out of the blue he comes to me for advise about how he likes his straight best friend. I was a little heart broken cus this ***** had been flirting with me and now he tells me he likes someone else. alright gave him some advise and decided we would just be friends. ( BTW he is really good looking) so two weeks passed by and he never mentions his friend i guess things didnt work out. he begins to flirt with me again. i have been keeping my distance and don't play along. yet today he txts me and i responed well the convo pretty much was one sided. it felt like i was talking to a wall. wtf would you txt someone and then only respond one word answers????? why? well i didnt respond and this little *** txts me again earlier saying " no response -.-" ***** i thought you didnt wanna talk!!? so i was like " yea i was just about to respond" as a joke cus he took like 30 min to respond his one word. anyways idk why he does this. he wants to talk but then he doesnt??? wtf and its not like were gonna hook up he lives far away so why waste my time and his?? im so done with him and people like that. yes his really really really cute but god dammit get your **** together bro
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yeah,,, right :)

I find someone you have a crush on, you tend to get more annoyed at the subtle things they do. If you like him, tell him, if you don't like the way he is as a person. Move on. Whether he is troubled or not, maybe it's not something he wants to talk about just yet.
We bring it on ourselves to keep talking to these people that are not good for us, for the sake of either not being lonely or chance a relationship might bloom. Yet, we always keep telling ourselves this person isn't right for me..but we never listen to our own advice, unfortunately.

yeah your so right, i mean every time there is a chance with a guy i always take a step back as to not fall in completely to get hurt ya know? but maybe not taking the risks is whats hurting me (people like me)

I know exactly how you feel it annoys me so god damn much

I hate when people act like they want to talk and respond in short answers with no way for you to say anything back....😒 whatever, make him miss talking to you

yeah its really frustrating and makes you feel.. well like your not good enough. when the truth is its not your fault just them..