“***** away the flesh and bone, look beyond the lies you’ve known. Everybody wants to talk about a freak; no one wants to dig that deep.” By: Adam Lambert Song: UNDERNEATH

Every day I lived but I felt like I was dying slowly. This is a story I must tell, you must know how I fell. I walked through blazing, harsh, burning flames as if I was in hell. They flickered at me as I walked by, but I wouldn’t be shy. I held my head up and never complied with the demand and cruelness of society. I never hid or lied about who I was or who I wanted to be. As a result I paid the consequences of what people thought were appropriate for utilizing the right to be me.

I was lashed and scarred by words…they laughed they pointed, they discouraged my courage. I was treated like an unwanted animal because of people’s confusion and anger towards something they couldn’t or worse yet, chose not to accept…except, underneath I was no different from them.

I had two eyes, one heart, one brain, five fingers and underneath I had two lungs that needed to breathe. Even though my expressions, clothes, personality at times didn’t seem real, I still was. I had feelings.

One day, the people of hate and rage decided that my life held no more importance and I deserved to die. They beat me to a bloody pope and there my body lied. Dying and bleeding the same blood that you have underneath.

“***** away the flesh and bone, look beyond the lies you’ve known. Everybody wants to talk about a freak, no one wants to dig that deep.”

“To Tyler Clementi, Matthew Wayne Shepard, to the people that struggle for being them, and for the ignorant people that judge people because they are not like you. Underneath, everyone is human and should be treated and respected like one.”
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hi Alluring, Sorry you are dealing with lies, freak.....
I am gay with a 'bi' streak. I love adam lambert music.
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