I like being gay but I feel like all the guys I know only want sex. I mean what's with people only wanting sex now a days? And it bothers me that they say "hi" the never talk to me! What you don't like they way I say hello?
EricRadliffe EricRadliffe
22-25, M
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Hi Eric, Well, I'd talk to you. I like sex, but I like communicating with my guys. I like relating with them. I want a friendship as well as the physical. I hope you'll signal me for a 'talk' sometime. phil

It really sucks that in our day and age it's so hard to find guys who want monogamous relationships, my only advise to you is to wait and try and find a guy who likes you for you ( hate to us a cliche but...) and will wont a relationship. I totally know how it feels unfortunately, I'm still waiting for someone who wants more than sex too

Tell me about it, I've been "single" for my whole I use the brackets because I only dated girls. I wan someone more. I'm a hopeless romantic and I'm a shy person but I think I'm. A good person and I really want to meet someone

Omg I'm the exact same way, but it feels like there's no romance left in the world at times but I'm adamant on waiting for the right guy

I write the "perfect" man lol. I'm trying to right a book about love

Make sure to use the right write then ;) sorry english student

Lol do not worry I'm an English student myself!

It's stupid but I like to picture love could be!

I get it's not stupid, it's idealistic and hopeful and I seriously hope that there is a "one" out there as well but I'm beginning to doubt it

I would never give up, all I need is to not be so damn shy! I don't know what to do with guys so I normally never shut up and keep moving everywhere

I'm the exact same way this guy was checking me out and he was seriously cute and I kinda just froze because I'm quite a shy person my self due to years of bullying and crap but I know if I just plucked some courage I wouldn't feel the regret of no knowing

Yeah I know right! My friend and I was in line to ask for the bus times and these two guys were talking and gave the look but I'm shy and hid behind my friend

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Hi Eric, I like men and want a relationship/connection. I want to be intimate with my man physically, emotionally.... I love the sex, but I also want to have a friendship too. So, if that sounds appealing, message me and perhaps we can make a more meaningful relationship. phil